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The Importance Of Back To School Wellness Checks

Parents know that when their child is sick they should see a pediatrician, but what about when their child is healthy? Routine wellness checks for healthy children are equally as important as doctor visits due to illness.

Why are these checks so important? Each wellness check is tailored to certain milestones in your child’s life. They check for nutrition, safety, emotional well being, chronic and acute pain, and much, much more. These visits insure that your child is growing and maturing in a healthy manner.

With back to school time upon us, part of every parent’s to-do list should be scheduling his or her child’s pediatric wellness visit.

So, what are the advantages of a back to school wellness visit?

The main advantages to keep in mind when considering a wellness visit for your child are: prevention of illness, tracking growth and development, raising concerns, and team approach, P.T.R.T.

  • Prevention: This is perhaps the most important part of regular doctors visits. Making sure your child’s immunizations are scheduled and up to date can keep them from getting sick. You doctor can also give you great tips about nutrition and safety at home and at school to keep your kids in tip top health.
  • Tracking growth and development: Wellness visits are important tools that can help you track your child’s milestones, learning abilities, and social behavior. If you see an irregularity in any of these areas talk to your doctor, they can make suggestions to keep your kids on the right track.
  • Raising concerns: For every pediatric visit it is important to have a list of two to five questions to ask your doctor. Whether it be questions about sleep patterns, eating, or any other behavioral change it is important to voice any concerns you may have about your child’s development.
  • Team approach: Everybody knows that more eyes mean a better product. This is the same for pediatrics. The more people you have looking after and caring for your child the healthier they will be. 

Creating a Medical History
Chronic diseases can develop under the radar, with very few signs of danger. Having a complete medical history is crucial in keep serious illness at bay. If your child sees their pediatrician at least once a year their development and health is documented and tracked. This makes it easier to detect any changes in health that could lead to serious illness.

Creating a medical history will allow your doctor to easily detect emerging issues based on past illness or injury records. Although it may seem tedious, having a medical history could save your child’s life.

Complete Physical Exam
We often associate a physical exam with sports. While these types of exams are often required for sports, they are necessary part of back to school check ups. These exams are a great opportunity for parents to check their child’s development, physical health, and emotional changes. Most pediatricians will also address crucial topics like drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, and depression. These complete physical exams will give you a full view of how your child is developing so that you are not blindsided by any health related issues.

Finding a Balance
Discovering the right balance in life between school, home life, social life, sports, and extracurricular can be difficult for children. What is often more difficult is figuring out how to help your child find the balance they need. For this reason it is extremely important to call upon an outside party like their pediatrician. Seeking this outside help and advice could be the key to keeping your kids on the right track, and back to school time is a great time to start. Call your pediatrician and schedule your child’s back to school wellness visit today!

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