Additional Testimonials

"It's always a wonderful experience having Dr. Jabbour as my children's pediatrician."

Jane Overall

"My kids love Dr. Jabbour."

Kristi Bigio



"The Doctor And Staff Really Take The Time To Listen And Advice. Great Experience"

Awni S. Abaza

"Dr. Jabbour is wonderful. So thankful she is my children's pediatrician."


"We love Dr. Jabbour. She is thorough and listens to all concerns."


"It was a busy day and my appt was last minute. I was thankful to get my daughter in to see the doctor. Even though we had a small wait, it was still a great experience."


"We love Dr. Jabbour! She is such a wonderful and caring pediatrician."


"Dr. Jabbour is a knowledgeable & caring pediatrician. She really takes the time to listen to your concerns & help you find solutions. She also has a passion for what she does. You can really tell that she cares about each child in her care. I'm very happy with her as our family pediatrician!"


"Dr. Jabbour always gives great attention to our kids. Never have we had doubts on what she has consulted to us."


"My daughter and I both felt very confident with our appointment and appreciated the time and depth that Dr. Jabbour went into with us."

Julie Smith

"Dr. Jabbour took an immense amount of time to explain to both myself and my daughter her plans, and next steps. We both felt confident in her ability to help with my daughter's reoccurring issues"

Julie Smith

"Best DR . Ever !!! We love her !! Absolute best !💜💗"


"Staff was very nice"


"Best pediatrician I have been to! She takes her time with your child. Would definitely recommend her! Absolutely love her!"

Zeina Coomes

"Dr. Jabbour is wonderful. She is a good listener. She is practical and knowledgeable. She listens to parents and cares about kids."


"We love Dr. Jabbour & Jaleetha (I really hope I spelled her name right!). They both always make my daughter feel very comfortable. They never make her feel bad about being nervous for vaccines. They are both very helpful and pleasant every time we are in the office. :)"

Brenda Knott

"It was pretty good, explains everything"


"We love Dr. Jabbour! She spends so much time with us at each visit and my kids feel comfortable with her. She is also very thorough and will go over any concern that I have. I would recommend her to everyone!"


"We love our pediatrician. Doctor Jabbour is the best.

She always takes the time to listen and even more time to explain what is going on with the kids. She makes sure we know everything we need about the treatment.

As a mom of two little kids I really like the fact that she's so easy to reach. Most of the time I'm able to talk to her on the phone right away, if not she'll return the call ASAP. (It's just so much easier than leaving all the messages for the nurses, waiting for them to talk to a doctor, waiting for a call back, blah)

All the staff is great with kids.

We are very happy about our decision for kids first pediatrics."


"I'm fully satisfied with Dr.Jabbour. She listens to patients concerns & guides accordingly."


"Dr.Jabbour has been our pediatrician for four years. She is well-informed, considerate, gentle, kind and professional in every appointment. As a parent, I have always felt that I can talk with her openly about any concerns I have and she always listens. I always leave informed. She takes the time to explain the issues. I highly recommend Dr. Jabbour."


"My daughter had a skin problem, we saw more that one doctor, Dr. Jabbour was the only Dr. to diagnose her with the correct skin condition. She is the best."


"I love my Dr. a lot :)"


"I have three kids. They are all patients of Dr. Jabbour. She is a great Dr."


"Dr. Jabbour is a great doctor. she is the dr. for all my girls. She always listens to our questions and addresses our concerns."


"Dr. Jabbour is such a great doctor. She really listens and makes sure that I understand not just what she is recommending, but why. I am so happy that she is my kids' pediatrician."


"Everything was great."


"I trusted my doc and her nurse."


"Very good experience."


"Was happy to see the Dr. at her new office."

Robert Porpora

"I am so happy that my girls get to see such a wonderful doctor! Dr. Jabbour is such a great listener."


"Dr. Jabbour is an amazing doctor she is very professional, very attentive to my child's concerns, always spends time with us during our visit, very sweet doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Jabbour!"


"I love Dr. Janoor and how she spends time on you & listen. Her diagnosis is right in money!"